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Solar is a great way for Edison, NJ families to offset the rising cost of electricity.

Here's why:
The average Edison, NJ solar home gets about 50% more sunshine per day than Germany, the world leader in solar installations. solar panel installation newark,nj

According to the Department of Energy, New Jersey electricity rates have increased by about 56% in the 10 years ending in 2012! A Edison, NJ solar panel system is a great way to protect your family from volatile electricity prices and save thousands in energy costs over the lifetime of your home solar system.

Historically, we’ve gotten about half of our power from nuclear plants and import about 30 percent from out of state. The bulk of our expanding electricity needs have been met by coal and natural gas. All of these factors keep New Jersey's electricity prices in line with the surrounding states, which remain the highest in the nation outside of Hawaii.

NJ established the goal of obtaining 4.1 percent of its electricity from solar by the year 2028. Cumulative per-capita capacity here reached 136 W/person, with 27 W/person added in 2013. A total of 240 MW of capacity was added in 2013, bringing New Jersey’s cumulative capacity to 1,211 MW (or 1.2 GW).

Part of New Jersey’s robust solar growth can be attributed to having a far more developed renewable energy market in place than others with sunnier climates. New Jersey has one of the most aggressive Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) in the United States. Electricity providers must get 22.5% of their electricity from renewable sources by 2021. In addition, we must also get a significant portion from solar power (at least 2,518 gigawatt-hours by 2021). With great solar incentives, it's a great time for solar in Edison,! We are always striving to be the best local solar company to service our clients in Edison, New Jersey.